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Block Dojo
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Mission is to educate, train, and elevate start-up entrepreneurs to the highest standards by providing best-in-class mentors and teaching with the latest tech tools.

The company's incubator will 'hot-house' the entrepreneurs in a 12-week intensive training program with hand-picked mentors and advisors. This will ensure each company has the greatest possible chance of success, to secure their first £140,000 funding at the end of the program.

Satoshi Block Dojo's Mission

Is to nurture and support all the company's start-ups to ensure they are the 9% that survive and go on to do amazing things in the world. The company handles the annoying hassle of starting a company so that the entrepreneurs can focus on their tech solutions or service and iterate quickly to achieve faster traction.


Block Dojo's mission is to seamlessly interface with its investor partners to provide funding at three critical stages of the company's growth and provide entrepreneurs with the right liquidity at each stage of their journey.

Dojo Support

The company's 12-week program is designed to get entrepreneurs and tech-teams moving as quickly as possible on the BSV blockchain with lots of hard work, fun, and hustle.

Support, nurture, and guide teams by creating a fun and competitive environment to learn and create cool stuff, with excellent mentors similar to incubator and accelerator programs like Techstars.

The Satoshi Block Dojo team and mentors will be on hand throughout the day to provide training, help, information, and advice.

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Last Updated: Dec 12, 2023


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