Jay Gujral

Jay Gujral

Jay Gujral is the Managing Director of Block Dojo, a Newton Scholar and a Venture Partner at SNGLR Group.

He studied Economics with Business at University of Portsmouth. While at university in 2013, he founded Gradlancer. It was an online platform aimed at connecting students to freelancing roles. Jay exited this company through being acquired in 2016.

He the joined Dow Jones as a New Business Development Consultant where he stayed for two years before joining McKinsey & Company as a Client Development Specialist in Global Energy & Materials. 

While at McKinsey & Company, he was also the Country Manager for Ignition Club UK. This was an organisation designed to help startups with <$100M in funding/revenue to develop their business model and value proposition.

Jay left McKinsey & Company in 2020 and joined Axora as an Oil & Gas Director which is part of Boston Consulting Group’s Digital Venture. The goal of the organisation was to prevent investment into technologies that already exist.

He then joined Block Dojo as Commercial Director in January 2022 before becoming the Managing Director in June 2022. Block Dojo is a blockchain incubator which puts companies and their founders through an intense 12 week programme and offers a mix of cash plus services to help them build the future of blockchain technology.

In January 2023, he also became a Venture Partner with the SNGLR group who are fully focused on exponential technologies and how they can make the world a better place.


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