Breathe Battery Technologies Secures $10 Million Series A Funding

October 6, 2023

Author: Karan Bodh
Breathe Battery Technologies Secures $10 Million Series A Funding

Lithium-ion batteries have come a long way in the past decade, improving in energy density and affordability. Yet, according to Ian Campbell, founder of Breathe Battery Technologies, there's still untapped potential within these batteries.

Campbell's insight stems from years of research into battery charging and performance. Breathe Battery Technologies has developed software, called Charge and Life, to enhance lithium-ion batteries. Charge reduces charging times significantly, while Life prolongs battery longevity.

This technology has vast implications, particularly in sectors like automotive, where electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly gaining traction. Campbell notes that 60% of lithium-ion batteries are used in EVs, a number expected to grow. Breathe's software addresses a critical need in this sector, potentially revolutionising battery performance.

Recent funding, a $10 million Series A led by Lowercarbon Capital, indicates growing interest and confidence in Breathe's innovative approach. The startup's software can be integrated into existing battery management systems, offering a tailored solution to optimise battery performance.

Traditional battery management relies on static models, often leading to underutilisation or overuse of battery capacity. Breathe's adaptive algorithms dynamically adjust charging strategies based on the battery's condition, maximising efficiency and lifespan.

Campbell envisions a future where batteries become software-defined devices, opening doors to unprecedented performance improvements. While advancements in materials science continue, software innovations like Breathe's offer a complementary avenue for enhancing battery capabilities.

Notably, Breathe's technology aligns with broader industry trends toward sustainability and efficiency. By optimising charging processes, Breathe contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting environmental stewardship, a focus shared by investors like Lowercarbon Capital.

Looking ahead, Breathe faces promising opportunities. Its software could attract interest from various sectors, including tech giants and automakers seeking to improve battery performance in their products. Whether through acquisition or independent growth, Breathe is poised to make a significant impact on the future of battery technology.

Ultimately, Breathe Battery Technologies represents a paradigm shift in how we approach battery optimisation. By leveraging advanced software solutions, we can unlock the full potential of lithium-ion batteries, driving innovation and sustainability in the energy sector.