MediShout Secures £4.3 Million Funding to Revolutionise Hospital Operations

May 11, 2023

Author: Karan Bodh
MediShout Secures £4.3 Million Funding to Revolutionise Hospital Operations

MediShout, a pioneering app designed to streamline hospital operations, has recently secured a significant investment of £4.3 million, marking a milestone in its journey towards revolutionising healthcare management. Spearheaded by Dr. Ash Kalraiya, a dedicated NHS surgeon, MediShout aims to tackle the intricate web of operational challenges within hospitals by offering a unified platform for staff to report and resolve issues efficiently.

Hospitals are complex ecosystems, often burdened by disparate systems and fragmented communication channels. Dr. Kalraiya identifies this as a major obstacle to delivering optimal patient care, stating, "This makes healthcare ecosystems extremely complex and difficult for staff to navigate, so they can’t provide efficient care to patients." Recognizing the pressing need for a solution, he, along with co-founder Dr. Ali Bahsoun, embarked on a mission to simplify the process through MediShout.

The app operates as a central hub, connecting frontline staff, equipment suppliers, and service maintenance teams. Its intuitive interface empowers staff to report operational deficiencies swiftly, akin to tracking an Uber ride or an Amazon order. Driven by data and artificial intelligence, MediShout not only facilitates issue resolution but also predicts and prioritises potential problems, ensuring seamless patient care delivery.

The recent funding infusion, led by Nickleby Capital and facilitated by legal experts at Shakespeare Martineau, underscores investor confidence in MediShout's innovative approach. Dr. Kalraiya expresses gratitude for the support, affirming, "As doctors and product designers, our team understands how technology and AI can help frontline hospital staff be more effective." The investment will fuel recruitment efforts, bolster marketing initiatives, and drive product enhancements, with a strategic focus on expanding MediShout's reach across NHS trusts nationwide.

Roger Harcourt, partner at Shakespeare Martineau, commends MediShout's impact on NHS efficiency, remarking, "MediShout’s business model is a proven success, saving the NHS money by cutting delays and inefficiencies." He emphasises the significance of this funding round as a testament to MediShout's potential to effect transformative change within the healthcare landscape.

MediShout's journey is characterised by unwavering dedication to enhancing hospital operations and prioritising patient well-being. By leveraging technology to streamline processes and foster collaboration, the company exemplifies a proactive approach to addressing healthcare challenges. As it continues to evolve and expand its footprint, MediShout remains committed to empowering frontline staff and optimising healthcare delivery for the benefit of all.