Quantexa Secures $129 Million Series E Funding, Achieves Unicorn Status with $1.8 Billion Valuation

April 4, 2023

Quantexa Secures $129 Million Series E Funding, Achieves Unicorn Status with $1.8 Billion Valuation

Quantexa, a UK-based Decision Intelligence (DI) solutions firm, has successfully closed a $129 million Series E funding round, elevating its valuation to an impressive $1.8 billion. This milestone establishes Quantexa as the first British unicorn of 2023 and highlights the company's growing influence in the emerging Decision Intelligence category.

The funding round was led by GIC, a global institutional investor, and saw participation from existing investors such as Warburg Pincus, Dawn Capital, British Patient Capital, Evolution Equity Partners, HSBC, BNY Mellon, ABN AMRO, and AlbionVC. This significant investment comes less than 18 months after Quantexa's $157 million Series D funding round in July 2021 and shortly after its acquisition of Aylien, an Irish firm specializing in natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Quantexa, founded in 2016, operates a "decision intelligence" platform that leverages big data and AI to assist companies in managing various aspects of their operations, including know your customer (KYC), customer intelligence, financial crime, risk, fraud, and security processes throughout the customer lifecycle. The company's success is evident in its impressive growth metrics, with CEO Vishal Marria stating, "In a challenging market, we have doubled our ARR [annual recurring revenue], our user base, and continue to penetrate new markets and industries."

The newly acquired funds will play a pivotal role in Quantexa's global expansion plans, enabling the firm to strengthen its global presence and hire additional engineering staff. Moreover, the funding will be directed towards enhancing technological innovation efforts, fortifying platform capabilities, and accelerating joint go-to-market initiatives with key partners like Google, Moody's, Accenture, KPMG, Deloitte, and EY.

Quantexa's decision intelligence platform allows enterprises to build context and insight models, incorporating graph analytics and knowledge trees to enhance operations, prevent fraud, and identify external risks to their core business. The company estimates the potential addressable market for its solutions to be $230 billion.

Vishal Marria emphasizes that the funding will fuel further innovation, diversification, and expansion for Quantexa. He acknowledges the support from both existing and new investors, particularly GIC, stating, "It's a real testament to our vision and trajectory to have such a significant contribution from our new investor, GIC, and the majority of our Series D investors – in our latest round."

Quantexa's success is not only reflected in its financial achievements but also in its global footprint. The firm has expanded its workforce from 500 to 650 employees in the past year and established new offices in New York City, the UAE, Amsterdam, and a Technology and Analytics Hub in Malaga Tech Park.

The company's decision intelligence platform has been deployed in over 70 countries, catering to clients such as BNY Mellon, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Danske Bank, and others. With a commitment to continued growth and innovation, Quantexa is poised to solidify its position as a leader in the rapidly evolving landscape of Decision Intelligence.

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