Imam Hoque

Imam Hoque
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Imam Hoque is the Co-founder at Quantexa, provides entity resolution, network analytics, network visualisation and network search software based on open source technologies, enabling data driven solutions to complex business problems.

He began his journey as a Consultant at Online Media, a part of the Acorn Computer Group in Cambridge, UK, where he dedicated three years to the role from 1994 to 1997.

Following this, he assumed the position of Head of Technology at Rubus, serving from November 1998 to August 2003.

He took on the responsibilities of Senior Director, NetReveal CTO, and Founder at Detica.

Later, he assumed the role of Managing Director for Fraud and Financial Crime EMEA/AP at SAS from January 2013 to March 2016.

Hoque's journey continued as he became a Co-Founder at Quantexa, where he served for 7 years and 10 months, taking on the roles of COO/CPO and Co-Founder.

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