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Backing Disabled People After 25 Years In Financial Services

Hardeep Rai

The Kaleidoscope Group

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Backing Disabled People After 25 Years In Financial Services

Hardeep Rai


The Kaleidoscope Group

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Hardeep Rai


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Episode 110: Amardeep Parmar (https://www.linkedin.com/in/amardeepsparmar) from The BAE HQ (https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-bae-hq) welcomes Hardeep Rai, Group CEO of The Kaleidoscope Group of Companies.

In this episode, we hear from Hardeep Rai, CEO and co-founder of the Kaleidoscope group, who shares his journey from aspiring to be a diplomat to shifting into fund management, and how the birth of his son, who has a severe brain injury, profoundly changed his life's direction.

Hardeep discusses his dedication to changing how the world views disabled people and creating opportunities for them.

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Show Notes:

00:00 - 00:00 - Intro

1:24 - 2:11 - Hardeep's childhood ambition to become a diplomat influenced by his grandfather.

2:11 - 3:00 - Decision to pursue banking instead of diplomacy

3:00 - 4:59 - Transition to fund management and career progression.

4:59 - 7:43 - Importance of social skills and networking in Hardeep's career.

7:43 - 8:39 - Hardeep's various roles in the finance industry and becoming a COO.

8:39 - 9:12 - Taking voluntary redundancy after Eshan's birth.

9:12 - 14:34 - Impact of Eshan's disability on Hardeep's life and perceptions.

14:34 - 15:43 - Starting a business after leaving the finance industry.

15:43 - 17:54 - Shift in perspective and priorities following Isshin's birth.

17:54 - 20:16 - Hardeep's  current ambition to change societal views on disability.

20:16 - 22:23 - Founding of Kaleidoscope Group.

22:23 - 24:22 - Lessons learned from business failures and successes.

24:22 - 27:04 - Stories of investments in disabled entrepreneurs.

27:04 - 29:13 - Different divisions of Kaleidoscope Group and their objectives.

29:13 - 32:47 - Empowering people with disabilities and changing employer/investor perceptions.

32:47 - 35:18 - Hardeep's  learning journey in the disability sector.

35:02 - 38:21 - Quick Fire Questions & Answers

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