Hardeep Rai

Hardeep Rai
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Hardeep Rai is the CEO of The Kaleidoscope Group of Companies, helps disabled people to realise their career ambitions by offering them the opportunity to either find their dream job or start their own businesses.

He pursued an LLM, Masters in International Business Law at SOAS University of London.

He served as the COO Investments / Global Head of Business Management at Gartmore Investment Management from Mar 1996 to Dec 2008.

Hardeep took on the role of CEO at The 5 Elements from Dec 2009 to Jul 2010, and then transitioned to become the Head of Business Development at Sun Global Investments Ltd from Aug 2010 to Apr 2011.

During the period of Jun 2007 to Jul 2011, Rai assumed the position of Vice-Chairman at the Information Providers User Group (IPUG).

He continued his professional journey as a Director at HB Prime Advantage from May 2011 to Mar 2013.

Following this, he served as the Managing Director at Equity Stake Ltd from Apr 2013 to Nov 2014.

Rai currently holds the position of Group Chief Executive Officer at The Kaleidoscope Group of Companies, starting from Jan 2020 to the present.

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