Amardeep Parmar

Amardeep Parmar
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Amardeep Parmar is a Co-Founder of The BAE HQ, the host of the Entrepreneur's Handbook podcast and an author.

He studied Economics at the University of Bath where he graduated with First Class (Honors). His degree included a year placement at the Bank of England where he worked in the external MPC Unit and contributed to committee member research and public speeches. After university, he worked at Boxfusion Consulting Ltd for almost 7 years before becoming self-employed. Here he was a full-stack CRM developer and worked with clients such as Panasonic, Vodafone and Heineken.

In January 2020, Amardeep started writing online on the platform and in March 2020, he quit his job to take his writing full-time. On Medium, he was the most followed South Asian and only Barack Obama grew faster than him during the pandemic. He was also the editor of Entrepreneur's Handbook, a written publication with a readership of 500k-1m views per month between June 2020 and July 2022.

In July 2021, he started his first podcast called Mindful & Driven which ran for over 50 episodes about how successful people maintain balance. His second podcast under the Entrepreneur's Handbook brand started in November 2021 and is still running. Guests on this podcast have included Ev Williams (Co-Founder of Twitter) and Marc Randolph (Co-Founder of Netflix).

In addition, Amardeep has written for over 50 startups and has ghostwritten book proposals.

His current focus is The BAE HQ which he cofounded with Gurvir Riyat in summer 2022. The mission is to inspire, connect and guide British Asians and you're on the website right now! He hosts the podcast and manages much of the media side of the organisation while his cofounder focuses on the finances and investment side. The organisation will hosting events and much more in the future.

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