Cien Salon

Cien Salon
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Cien Salon is a CPO and Co-founder of a Stealth Startup.

She pursued his Master of Arts in English Language and Literature at Silliman University.

She worked as a Digital Marketing Executive at Interface from August 2017 to March 2018.

She served as a Digital Content Marketing Lead at CREAMS British Luxury for one year and 9 months before transitioning to a role as a Product Owner Associate focusing on Payments & Affordability.

In December 2022, Salon took on the position of Senior Product Manager for Transactions at TransferGo until June 2023.

She assumed the role of Accelerator Mentor at Techstars in April 2023.

Currently, Salon serves as the Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of a Stealth Startup since 2023.

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