Eamon Jubbawy

Eamon Jubbawy, Founder and CEO of Isometric, leads the creation of a rigorous carbon registry. With a history of innovative ventures like Safi and Onfido, he drives sustainable change.
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Eamon Jubbawy is a visionary entrepreneur with a track record of founding and leading groundbreaking ventures in various sectors. As the Founder and CEO of Isometric, he spearheads the development of a scientifically rigorous carbon registry, reflecting his commitment to sustainability and innovation. With over two years of dedicated leadership at Isometric, Jubbawy continues to drive forward-thinking initiatives to address pressing environmental challenges.

Prior to Isometric, Jubbawy co-founded Safi (formerly TrueCircle), a pioneering recycling company, and Sequence, a cutting-edge platform revolutionizing quote-to-revenue processes for modern B2B companies. These ventures showcase his versatility and determination to disrupt industries with innovative solutions. Additionally, as a co-founder and former COO of Onfido, Jubbawy played a pivotal role in building the company into a global leader in identity verification, culminating in its acquisition by Entrust for $650 million in 2024. Under his leadership, Onfido verified over 600 million identities and thwarted 25 million fraud attempts, highlighting his expertise in leveraging technology to address complex challenges.

Eamon Jubbawy's entrepreneurial journey reflects his unwavering commitment to driving positive change through innovation and sustainable business practices. With a remarkable blend of vision, leadership, and industry expertise, he continues to make significant contributions to the realms of technology, sustainability, and beyond.

• Isometric, Founder and CEO: Jan 2022 - Present
• Safi (Formerly TrueCircle), Co-Founder: Jan 2021 - Present
• Sequence, Co-Founder: Apr 2021 - Present
• Onfido, Co-Founder and COO: Aug 2012 - Jul 2020

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