Gurvir Riyat

Gurvir Riyat
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Gurvir Riyat is a Co-Founder of The BAE HQ, which inspires, connects and guides the next generation of British Asians.

He studied Economics at City, University of London then briefly worked there as a Data Analyst. He then moved on to become a Capital Investment Analyst at NT Kenya.

From here, Gurvir took an Analyst role at Pantheon Ventures where he was promoted to Senior Analyst after a year. After just over 3 years at Pantheon Ventures, he left to join Kindred Capital as an Associate where he spent a year. This meant he had experience both on the limited partner side of investment and on the venture capital side.

His current focus is The BAE HQ which he cofounded with Amardeep Parmar in summer 2022. The mission is to inspire, connect and guide British Asians and you're on the website right now!

Gurvir focuses on the finances and investment side while his cofounder hosts the podcast and manages much of the media side of the organisation. The organisation will hosting events and much more in the future.

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