Simranjeet Kaur Mann

How My Professional Career Led to My YouTube Channel of 12k+ Subscribers

How My Professional Career Led to My YouTube Channel of 12k+ Subscribers

Welcome! Tell us who you are and a quick overview of your brand.

I make content on various social media platforms (predominantly YouTube) where I provide advice to aspiring and current trainee solicitors and talk about working in a corporate sphere as a Sikh, Punjabi woman.

Other topics that I discuss frequently on my platform is diversity and inclusion, personal development and lifestyle.

My main objective with my content is to provide as authentic and honest insights into my various aspects of my professional and personal life.

Outside of this, I am currently a trainee solicitor and also co-host networking events aimed at diverse professionals.

How did you come up with your concept?

I really struggled when applying to be a trainee solicitor, as the industry is notoriously competitive.

I did not have any connections in the legal sphere that could assist with my applications, and at University I was very clueless about the whole process.

During this time, I independently built a lot of knowledge through extensive research, and eventually I secured three job offers. I knew that I always wanted to share this knowledge when it was the right time.

When I announced that I had my three job offers on Twitter, I received a message from a South Asian woman who was going through the same struggles. I offered to review her applications and provide advice. She now works at an elite international law firm as a trainee solicitor!

That’s what really kickstarted my Instagram page, and I went on to provide advice on other platforms later on.

How did you actually launch? How were those early days?

I jumped straight into it if I’m honest; within a week I had the logo, branding, and Instagram page set up.

It was initially hard to build traction, but I was not really focused on the numbers anyway.

I felt a sense of fulfilment from helping others, and that’s what kept me (and is still keeping me) going.

I remember feeling so pleasantly surprised at how many of my friends (who did not even study law or have any interest in becoming a lawyer) followed my page, and provided encouragement.

Some of these people I had not even spoken to since secondary school.

It was a really wholesome feeling, and I am so grateful for their encouragement.

What strategies have you used to attract customers or followers?

Initially, it was important for me to create content that was shareable – I did this by creating infographics, that people could easily share on their Instagram stories.

As my content was career-focused, I used LinkedIn a lot to promote my Instagram page and YouTube channel.

Being featured on bigger legal pages also really helped me, so I offered to do an Instagram story ‘takeover’ for popular Instagram pages, which in turn really increased my following initially.

Over the years, my strategy has changed as I realised that people now follow me more for my journey, rather than my advice.

That’s why I’ve shared elements of my personal life, and found that it has made people more inclined to follow me, as they want to keep informed of my journey.

What has been your biggest hurdle? How have you dealt with it?

Finding the time and motivation to create content has been a hurdle for me sometimes.

I find I load too much on to my plate and then struggle to keep up with everything; for example, when planning my wedding, the rate at which I created content declined.

Sometimes I struggle with motivation, as it can feel like doing things repetitively (shoot a video, edit a video, post a video and then repeat).

It can also be tough when you’re in a creative rut, and cannot think of any ideas of what to do next.

This is tougher when you see other creators doing amazing things, which in turn leads you to compare their lives to yours.

These things are temporary for me though, and I do manage to find bursts of motivation again.

Do you have a day job, what is it?

I am a trainee solicitor – skills such as networking and building a rapport with new people have really helped and supported my side hustle.

I also have received training on public speaking and advocacy which has helped me when I speak at public events and opportunities that have arisen from my platform.

What are your competitive advantages?

I am authentic and honest; it is tough doing this sometimes as a trainee solicitor, as you cannot show all the highs and lows of your career (it could breach confidentiality!)

However my aim is to be as light-hearted and genuine as I can, as this helps make the legal career more approachable for those from underrepresented backgrounds.

I don’t mind being outspoken on topics such as Diversity & Inclusion, when other creators may not wish to stir any controversial opinions.

I am also great at building connections with people, which has helped me further my social media platform as I meet people at events and stay in touch afterwards.

Where are you today and what are you most excited about in the future?

I am going through some big changes professionally (qualifying as a solicitor) and am excited to share it all on my social media when the time is right.

Also, as I recently got married, I am excited to show my followers new content on being married and balancing a career alongside this, especially as a South Asian woman.

I am also travelling a lot this year, which opens up a new objective to create more lifestyle and travel-related content.

I am trialling a lot of new niches this year, to try and expand my objective beyond simply lawyer-related content.

What are your three top tips for others looking to follow in your footsteps?

  1. Be consistent with your content – set yourself a realistic target (e.g. one YouTube video a week and stick to it if you can)
  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t go your way. We all have bad days where not much gets done, but this does not mean you’re not good at what you do, or that you’re not adding value.
  3. Always reflect and evaluate on what your objectives are with your page. They can change and it does not matter if you wish to change your niche, or focus on another objective if this is what you want to do.

What platforms/tools do you use behind the scenes?

  • I use Final Cut Pro for editing YouTube videos and Capcut for TikTok / Instagram Reels.
  • I use Google Calendar to plan my content.
  • Notes page on my iPhone / Mac to write down ideas for future content.
  • I used Squarespace for my website.
  • Mailchimp for my newsletters.

What resources have helped you the most?  

Instagram (looking at other creators).

YouTube (Ali Abdaal, Faye Bate, Akta Vibes, Liam Porritt, Eve Cornwell)

Where can people find out more?

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